Hare Krishna

Bala putani krishna


Tennis is such a beautiful game that holds our breath tightly. When there are 2 strong players playing ‘the fight’ ‘spirit of game’ is  awesome.  From childhood i grown watching tennis of Pete Samprass & Agassi. My father always used to support Agassi while i to Samprass. Sometimes we kept on arguing fighting for our favourite players. As years passed there was a rise of SACHINE TENDULKAR of tennis Roger Federer. Later Federer kept on becoming undisputed king of Tennis untill he faced another great player like Nadal. During his peak period Federer kept on winning all grandslams except French Open. As many know there are 4 main Grandslam Open tournaments in a year–>> 1)Wimbeldon 2)French open 3)US open 4)Austraila Open . Rafel Nadal became undisputed king of Frech Open which is popularly called as CLAY COURT. He won record no of matches till he lost to Swadrling. Again in 2012 by winning French he made record. 2012 was very special year for tennis as all 4 grandslams won by top ranked 4 different players, which has happened only second time in history of tennis. Let this glory keep on going and give us entertainment.






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